Friday, 22 June 2018

Yellow Sapphire Brings Wealth, Fame & Prosperity In Life

The beautiful Yellow Sapphire is one of the much loved precious gemstones found in the world of gems. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, Yellow Sapphire is known for its amazing properties and the loads of benefits that it brings along with it. 

As the planet Jupiter represents good luck, fortune, prosperity, and marriage, it is the perfect purchase for those who are facing difficulties in getting married or who wish to get rid of the troubles that are there in their married life. 

However, it is important to consult a renowned and experienced astrologer before wearing a yellow sapphire gemstone. Doing this will help you understand whether or not your future will be benefitted with a yellow sapphire.

What should be the weight of the yellow sapphire stone?

If your horoscope permits the use of a yellow sapphire stone, make sure it has the recommended minimum weight. The minimum weight of the gem should be the body weight of the wearer divided by 10. This means if the wearer’s body weight is 50 kg, then the minimum weight of the yellow sapphire stone should by 5 Carat.

On which finger should the stone be worn?

It is believed that wearing a Yellow Sapphire gemstone on the index finger of the right hand will bring a lot of opportunities in the life of the wearer. This gem should be worn on a Thursday morning to yield the right results.

What metal should be chosen for the Yellow Sapphire gemstone?

Gold and platinum are often described as the preferred metals for wearing yellow sapphire. No matter which form of jewelry you choose, the stone should touch your body.

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire

There are several benefits that the auspicious Yellow Sapphire brings to the wearer’s life. It is known to provide wealth, fame and prosperity for the right reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that this incredible stone provides:

  • Yellow sapphire improves the financial status of an individual by bringing immense wealth into their lives.
  • It also provides name, fame, honor as well as makes the native successful in all of their endeavours. 
  • Yellow sapphire is beneficial for the health of the wearer and also helps them lead a peaceful life.
  • For those who wish to get knowledge and wisdom, the yellow sapphire acts as a boon. The stone also provides spiritual knowledge.
  • Married couples can enjoy a harmonious married life by wearing this stone. 
  • Girls who are facing troubles in finding a suitable match for them can also be benefitted with a yellow sapphire.
  • Another benefit of this stone is that it boosts fertility amongst married couples and blesses them with children.
  • To improve the self-confidence of an individual, this stone can be worn.
  • Students can wear this gem to improve their intellectual power and excel at studies.
  • The health benefits of the stone include curing jaundice, throat infection, liver, ears and regulating blood circulation.
  • The stone also protects one from health conditions that affect the lungs and pancreas.
  • Wearing a yellow sapphire can assist in treating flatulence, tumors, dyspepsia, cerebral congestion, and other such health problems. 

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