Saturday, 2 December 2017

Know whether your astrology sign is compatible with Yellow Sapphire

The world of sapphires is a beautiful one. There are various gemstones that belong to this world. Out of all the stunning gems, the Yellow Sapphire is one of the most prominent and highly treasured gemstones that has been in demand for centuries now. Also known as Pukhraj stone , this gemstone is associated with the planet Jupiter.

While it is believed to be a truly auspicious gemstone that brings wisdom, knowledge, wealth and fortune to the wearer, the relation between yellow sapphire and sun signs must be studied before you plan to wear it.

Read on to know about yellow sapphire astrology and its impact on different zodiac signs:

Aries Sign

For those who belong to the Aries sun sign, wearing yellow sapphire is a great decision as it is said to bring good luck, good health, prestige, intellect, honesty, and success in life. It is also believed to foster the relationship of the wearer with their father.

Taurus Sign

This gem is not advisable to be worn by those who have Taurus as their sun sign. So, Taureans must refrain from wearing a yellow sapphire gemstone.

Gemini Sign

For Gemini ascendants, yellow sapphire may prove benevolent and bring a lot of success. Wearing this stone will help them lead to their dreams and achieve their goals easily.

Cancer Sign

Yellow sapphire is highly recommended for those who have cancer as their zodiac sign. However, this gemstone must be worn with another gem like red coral or pearl to bring out its positive effects on cancer natives. From love to success, fortune, and respect, a Cancerian will experience all this and much more by adorning a yellow sapphire gemstone.

Leo Sign

Yellow sapphire for Leo sign is really beneficial. But, astrologists recommend wearing it with a ruby gemstone to make it all the more useful for the Leo ascendants.

Virgo Sign

Virgos should not consider wearing a yellow sapphire as it may not prove to be favorable for them. Thus, those who are born between 23 August to 22 September, must consult an experienced astrologer before wearing this gem.

Libra Sign

Librans should also refrain from wearing the yellow sapphire as the planet Jupiter rules this gem and it is the lord of the 3rd and 6th house which is highly malefic for Libra ascendants.

Scorpio Sign

Scorpio natives can be benefitted with this stunning gem. They must wear it with a red coral to make the most of these gemstones. Those who have the Scorpio sun sign can be blessed with wealth, fortune and the prospects to receive higher education by wearing the yellow sapphire.

Sagittarius Sign

If Sagittarians really want to enjoy success in every aspect of their lives, then wearing a yellow sapphire gemstone makes absolute sense. This stone will bring them power, good health, and happiness. What else would anyone want in this life?

Capricorn Sign

Capricorn natives should also avoid wearing the yellow sapphire as this zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Saturn, which shares an unpleasant relationship with Yellow Sapphire’s ruling planet Jupiter.

Aquarius Sign

Just like their counterparts, Capricorn ascendants, those who have Aquarius as their sun sign, should stay away from the yellow sapphire. Again, this is because Aquarius sign is ruled by Saturn which doesn’t gel well with the planet Jupiter.

Pisces Sign

For the Pisces natives, the yellow sapphire stone is a boon. It is believed to make the Pisces ascendants mentally and physically strong, and to provide them better career prospects and a positive outlook towards life.

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