Wednesday, 4 May 2016

7 Steps to Buy Original Yellow Sapphire for Jewelry Items

Due to its mesmerizing look and excellent luster the yellow sapphire gemstone attracts or allures everyone toward it. Ever since the discovery of this stone people use this stone not only for astrological reason but also to look stunning and top of this world. 

Keeping the above fact in the mind, over the time, the beautiful yellow color stone has extensively been used for the purpose of engagement or wedding. The reason why yellow sapphire appeal to many people or gem lovers is due to the reason that besides being competent to add in the beauty of its wearer it deviates positive enrich power in the lives of its wearer. Nevertheless, due to captivating power of yellow sapphire stone rings a proper care must be taken into the account while buying this gemstone to embed either in ring or other jewelry items. 

Examine the color of the stone: While purchasing yellow sapphire ring; a person should properly examine the color of this stone. The intense dark color yellow sapphire stone may be a synthetic yellow sapphire stone. Therefore, buy only light yellow sapphire for engagement ring. Keep an eye on the inclusion: it is fact that nowadays it is rare to find an original yellow sapphire. Therefore, if you wish to purchase an original yellow stone; then we would like to inform you that yellow sapphire stones are now days basically judged upon the number of inclusions in the stone. The quality of a yellow sapphire stone will be judged upon the number of inclusions in the stone. On the basis of inclusions stones can be classified in four types:

Standard yellow sapphire, fine yellow sapphire, vvs (very very less inclusion) yellow sapphire Vs (very less inclusions) yellow sapphire. A standard yellow sapphire stone will contain many inclusions on the other hand vs yellow sapphire consists less inclusions. Consider the cut of the stone: While buying a yellow sapphire stone for rings do consider the cut of the stone. For engagement ring oval cut, round cut and prince cut yellow sapphire stones are regarded the best cut yellow sapphire stone. 

Examine the transparency of yellow sapphire stone: While buying yellow sapphire stone people normally ignore or overlook the transparency feature of the stone. By the term transparency we mean the ability of a stone to allow light wave to pass through it without obstructing its way. A gemstone that allows maximum light to travel through it is considered as pure yellow sapphire stone. The price of yellow sapphire directly proportional with the clarity or transparency of the stone. It means that as and when the transparency increases the stone price will also increase. 

Examine whether stone is certified or not: While buying this stone must seek for the certification of the stone. A certified yellow sapphire stone from a reputed gem laboratory signifies the quality of this stone. Do not buy this stone for ring if the stone does not have attached certification that too from a reputed gem laboratory. Choose the metal for yellow sapphire rings: It is quite important to decide that in which metal you want to embed or fix the yellow sapphire. The gold or silver is considered to be the best metal for this stone as per astrologer. 

Buy yellow sapphire from reputed Gem seller: To obtain a legit yellow sapphire product must consider a reputed jeweler or gem trader. Do gather information about the store from where you wish to buy this stone. Always consider that seller who issue a certificate along with the gemstone that too from a reputable gem laboratory. Don't fall in trap of that gem seller who sells fake or cheap yellow sapphire.

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