Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Disadvantages of Wearing Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj

Most often we discuss about the benefits or advantages of wearing yellow sapphire gemstone or any other gemstone. Though, we forget to mention that aside their distinct property of facilitating benefits toward its wearer; these gemstones are even capable of bestowing unpleasant results in the life of its wearer. Alike its contemporaries the yellow sapphire or pukhraj gemstone also display negative results in the life of its wearer if it is being worn ignoring the following guidelines.

If a person wear artificial or synthetic yellow sapphire stone, then it may produce or bring some undesired results in his/her life.
Wearing cracked yellow sapphire or damaged yellow sapphire is subjected to bring unpleasant or painful results in your life. Hence one should avoid wearing a broken yellow sapphire.

If yellow sapphire stone does not suit you astrologically; then clearly drop the idea of wearing it because instead of bringing any positive or auspicious results it may cause problems in your life.

Now let's find out the number of disadvantages one encounters by wearing yellow sapphire:

Wearing a yellow sapphire if it does not suit a person at all can arise plethora of problems for a human being. Since, we know that this precious stone belong to auspicious planet Jupiter which is acknowledged to endow favorable results in the life of a person. If it suits that person nevertheless, if it does not suit a person may emanate health problems and financial problems for a person.

It is always suggested by the astrologers that one should not wear damaged yellow sapphire because it may have serious consequences upon the health and personal relationships.

Wearing a cheap pukhraj stone or synthetic yellow sapphire will create negative impact over the financial condition of a person and it will invite trouble in the personal life of a person. It will bring negativity, sadness, gloom and all sort of adversities in the wearer life.

Hence, it is advised to all gem lovers that before wearing this stone must consult an astrologer in advance to know whether this stone suits them or not. In case if it does not suit you avoid wearing this stone; moreover, never wear a damaged or already worn yellow sapphire because it has lost its substantial powers to someone else. Therefore, always purchase a certified and real yellow sapphirestone and adopt it after seeking the advice from a renowned astrologer.


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