Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Factors which Decides the Price of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

There are several factors which conjointly affect the overall pricing of yellow sapphire or pukhraj stone. The pricing of a pukhraj stone is directly concerned with its quality. The cost of a synthetic yellow sapphire stone is always low than a high quality yellow sapphire stone. A synthetic gemstone is sold at low price to entice more customers toward the stone and to churn huge profit. However, wearing a synthetic yellow sapphire stone will only invite trouble in the life of a wearer. Since, yellow sapphire stone is being related with coercive planet Jupiter which is identified being the most benevolent planet in the group of all nine planets. It brings wealth, fortune, luck and happiness in the life of its wearer. The impressive yellow color gemstone is applauded by everyone due to its precious astrological values. However, to win or earn these valuable properties in your life, you need to buy only certified and real yellow sapphire stone.
To buy a real yellow sapphire you need to know that what are the factors which are holded responsible for deciding the price of this stone.

Color: The color of yellow sapphire stone is largely important factor that a real stone need to have in order to be enrolled itself in the category of rich quality yellow sapphire. The color of this stone is primarily ranges from light yellow to dark yellow. The intense color of this stone make it stand in forth to be adorned either in the form of wedding jewelries or engagement jewelries.

Clarity: A natural yellow sapphire or pukhraj stone attain excellent clarity. It is generally inclusion free or contains very little inclusion that can't be seen with naked eyes. The tremendous clarity and eye clean transparency make this stone most soughing gem among all gemstones.

Price: The first rate qualities of this stone make this gemstone slight costlier. However, when the cost of pukhraj is compared against the characteristics of the stone then it justifies it high price. Thus, it would not be an exaggeration to mention that the price of yellow sapphire stone is a not an issue to be worried about at all.

Weight: Besides, all these factor which play a vital role in deciding the cost or price of this stone. There is one more important factor that can't be overlooked while deciding the price or selling value of yellow sapphire. Weight or carats of the gem pertains pivotal importance while deciding its price. The price of yellow sapphire is directly proportional to the weight of yellow sapphire stone. Consequently, as the weight of yellow sapphire increase so as the price of this stone will go higher.  

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