Friday, 19 February 2016

Different Grades Yellow sapphire for Sale

Yellow sapphire gemstones are awestruck yellow color gemstones which are captivating enough to become the sole reason to buy it and wear it for jewelry and other useful purpose. The value of yellow sapphire stone is upheld due to its affliction with the potent planet Jupiter.
Jupiter which is acknowledged being the most auspicious and favorable planet that proves auspicious for everyone. However, to gain or attain the benefits of Jupiter blessed yellow sapphire in one's life a person should wear only natural yellow sapphire. Wearing a synthetic yellow sapphire will not bring any positive or favourable results despite this; it will act against its wearer by exposing a person to face vulnerable events in his/her lives. Hence, in order to guard or protect a person against all such malicious events he/she should only wear natural or original yellow sapphire. Keeping in mind the above context find out best quality yellow sapphire for sale. 

 Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

A best or high quality yellow sapphire is generally a rich quality stone that contain only a few inclusions which does not altogether harm the overall appearance or quality of yellow sapphire. The quality of a stone is determined of number of inclusions within the stone as well as cut, clarity and color also holds significant importance. A high quality yellow sapphire or any other gemstone secures or surpasses all these parameters adequately. On the basis of quality a yellow sapphire can be classified in four parts.

Standard Grade Yellow Sapphire: A standard grade yellow sapphire gemstone contains inclusions which can be seen with bare eyes and cut, clarity and color of this type of stone is of moderate quality. However, the thing which goes in favor of this type of stone is its reasonable price. A standard grade or type yellow sapphire costs a person around 2500+ rupees per carat that makes it quite popular and demanding. 

Fine Grade Yellow Sapphire: A fine grade yellow sapphire quality has been upgraded a lot it means that color, clarity and number of inclusions in the yellow sapphire is low. However, due to enhancement in quality the price of yellow sapphire stone is also staked high. The price of one carat fine grade yellow sapphire is 3000+ per carat. 

Premium quality Yellow sapphire stone: A premium grade yellow sapphire stone is extremely high quality yellow sapphire which does contain inclusions but in limited numbers which can't be seen with bare eyes. The color, clarity and cuts of premium quality yellow sapphire is quite excellent which outshines completely. 

Super Premium Yellow Sapphires: The super premium yellow sapphires are the top quality stones. On the parameter of quality these stones are very near to natural yellow sapphire or original yellow sapphire stone. However, the price of super premium or vvs yellow sapphire is extremely high. The price of one carat super premium yellow sapphire starts from 25000+ per carat.

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