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Yellow Sapphire Gemstone For Sagittarius

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone for Sagittarius
Yellow Sapphire Gemstone for Sagittarius

Do you know which is the most benefic planet in the assembly of all nine astrological planets? Or do you know which planet is called the planet of fortune?
I know this questions encounter in the minds of all gemstone lovers or people who are interested to know about gemstones or want to wear gemstone. However, they do not know which gemstone they should wear and which gemstone will suit them? By keeping the entire above question in mind, I have written this post. The answer of the very first question is that Jupiter is contemplated being the most auspicious planet among all nine planets. And, secondly, the Jupiter itself is called the planet for fortune.  

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone -
Yellow Sapphire Gemstone -

Yellow Sapphire the yellow color stone is known to contain the maximum amount of light emit by Jupiter planet. Consequently, to secure incalculable benefits which are being offered by Jupiter a person should wear yellow sapphire or pukhraj stone. Untreated Yellow Sapphire stone is termed to be the birthstone for zodiac sign Sagittarius. Therefore, all the natives of Sagittarius should wear this stone to ensure the number of benefits which Jupiter blessed stone endow. 

List of benefits provided by Jupiter for Sagittarius

  • Jupiter ensures fortune therefore wearing this stone will enforce the luck or a person.

  • Jupiter blessed yellow Sapphire stone will bring prosperity quick and wealth for its wearer.

  • It will open new door of opportunity for its wear.

  • Wearing yellow sapphire stone will get rid-off serious health diseases. It is said that wearing this stone will get rid of pyorrhea, cholera, mouth odor and tension.

  • This stone is also immensely benevolent for those individuals who are suffering from mental problems and anger management problem.

  • The beneficial yellow sapphire stone is called stone of love. This stone diffuses love and harmony in married or love relation. It is also mentioned in the scriptures that wearing this stone will bring love and peace in married life.

How to wear Yellow Sapphire Stone: The yellow sapphire stone since related with the planet Jupiter therefore this stone should be worn on Thursday morning during shukla-paksha in index finger of the right hand. The yellow sapphire stone will ensure positive results if this stone is adopted with gold ring or silver ring. Before wearing this stone a person should clear this stone by plunging it in Ganga Jal  or cow milk to remove or dispel all the impurities from stone. And, then reciting this mantra person should wear yellow sapphire ring.  

ॐ ब्रह्म ब्रह्स्प्तिये नम:

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