Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Yellow Sapphire Stone for Libra Or Tula And Different Types Of Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire gemstone the gemstone of auspicious planet Jupiter unfortunately does not prove beneficial for the ascendant of Libra since it is counted as enemy planet. Therefore, the natives of Libra should wear this stone under certain situation after seeking the consultation of proficient astrologers. Astrologers suggests that yellow sapphire or pukhraj stone should be worn during the stay of Jupiter in the following houses such as 3rd house, 6th house, 10th house or 11th house opt for this stone that too only during the major period of Jupiter. Likewise, Jupiter is acknowledged being the "guru" of all planets and therefore it enacts in the favor of all individual belonging to any zodiac sign. It is known to cater the wishes of all its natives regardless of their sun signs and month of born. In spite of this, the Jupiter altogether brings the incalculable benefits for the ascendants of Sagittarius since Sagittarius is regarded being the birthstone of Jupiter. The yellow color yellow sapphire stone signifies love, wealth, luck and fortune in the life of its wearer. Thus, an ascendant who cut short of achieving love, happiness and luck in their life can wear yellow sapphire stone.

Types of Yellow Sapphire: The Quality of yellow sapphire stone is very important after realizing about the astrological benefits of wearing this stone. The natural yellow sapphire stone can basically classified in four types as per its quality parameter:

Standard Yellow Sapphire: The standard yellow sapphire stone comprises inclusion that can be visible with naked eyes. And, on the parameter of quality this stone falls a bit short. However, the price of the standard quality yellow sapphire stone is low in comparison with other grade stones of yellow sapphire. The price of 1 carat yellow sapphire standard stone is 1000 rs.

Fine Quality Yellow Sapphire The fine quality yellow sapphire stones has upper hand in quality in comparison with latter one. This gemstone contains few inclusion and it is very hard to spot the inclusion with bare eyes and normally microscope is used to locate inclusion. The price of this type of yellow sapphire stone is higher than standard yellow sapphire since quality is better.

Yellow Sapphire Premium: The yellow Sapphire premium stone is first class stone since it contains a few number of inclusion that can be spotted hardly with use of microscope. However, due to extreme quality of the stone, this stone is very expensive. The stone will charge around 10000 thousand rupees per carat.

Yellow Sapphire Super Premium: The quality of this stone is rave and extra ordinary. The color and shine of this stone is exceptional and out of this world. And, it is rare to spot any inclusion in this stone. However, due to its superlative features this stone cost a pretty penny. The price of 1 carat or ratti yellow sapphire super premium stone is near about 25000 rs .

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