Thursday, 17 September 2015

Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone for Taurus Ascendant

Yellow Sapphire gemstone is related with the auspicious planet Jupiter. This planet has got the status of “Teacher” among all the available planets. The planet Jupiter is being considered to be the largest planet and it is placed on highest hill. Usually, Jupiter is considered to be highly auspicious gemstone. This gemstone can be worn by anyone because it does not bring any unpleasant results in the life of its wearer. Moreover, yellow sapphire which enacts as the controller of the powers of Jupiter planet comprises benevolent features as such good health, fortune, wealth, spirituality, freedom from evil spirits and bad dreams. 

By the way, yellow sapphire bends a bit toward signs as such Sanitarian and Pisces because they both are being considered to be the birthstone of this planet. However, an ascendant affiliates with some other sign could also wear this gemstone to gain the endless benefits of yellow sapphire  being offered. Since, we know that Jupiter is a harmless planet. So, today we will discuss the benefits of wearing yellow sapphire or pukhraj stone for Taurus Ascendant.
Benefits of wearing yellow sapphire for Taurus Ascendants: The zodiac sign Taurus is being ruled by the planet Venus which shares an average relation with the planet of yellow sapphire or pukhraj stone Jupiter. Besides this, the Jupiter exists in 8th or 11th house which makes dreadful combination for user of Taurus and bring unpleasant results for him/her. In spite of that, yellow sapphire gemstone can be worn by the ascendant of Taurus if Jupiter rules over the following houses: 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th or 11th houses. Being the resident of the following houses it will bestow wealth, luck, immense pleasure in the life of its wearer. However, in order to really get blessed with the enormous benefits of yellow sapphire stone do consult an astrologer in order to wear this stone in right manner.


How to wear Yellow Sapphire Stone: This stone should be worn during the shukla paksha Thursday morning between 5 am to 6 am. Moreover, the appropriate finger to wear this gemstone is ring finger of the right hand silver or diamond is considered to be the best metal to adopt this stone. In addition to this, in order to purify the ring plunge it in Gangajal or cow milk for 10 minutes to 20 minutes and then wears it for best results.


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