Tuesday, 7 July 2015

When to Replace your Yellow Sapphire

Care and replacement are very important aspects of wearing a gemstone. When a gemstone like yellow sapphire comes in direct contact with your skin, it transmits the cosmic energies of a particular astrological planet, as in this case Jupiter, into your physical body. If a gemstone gets damaged or scratched, it will not be able to filter 

these energies in a proper manner and consequently, it will not fulfill the purpose for which you have worn it. This implies that you will no longer be able to derive the astrological benefits of the gemstone as it has lost its potency. For this very reason, it is of vital importance to take good care of yellow sapphire and also to know when it is time to get a replacement for it.

Good Care of Yellow Sapphire gives 100% Benefits

Yellow sapphire is the gemstone of the powerful and auspicious planet Jupiter and is recommended for bringing good luck, prosperity, wisdom, marital harmony and progeny, to the native. However, the job of deriving positive benefits from the gemstone is not done by just wearing it. Proper care of your yellow sapphire gemstone is equally important, both for prolonging its life as well as deriving all the astrological benefits from it. The first step in this direction is to wear a good quality yellow sapphire, which is bright in color, appealing to the eye and flawless in character, with preference to be given to untreated gemstone. Always make sure that your yellow sapphire is clean and free from dust, debris and soap. For cleaning the yellow sapphire, you can dip it in warm water and mild detergent and clean it gently with a soft brush. Scrub very gently to remove any kinds of stains as well as to get rid of deposits on the gemstone. After the cleaning is done, wipe the gemstone dry with a soft cloth, without rubbing it too hard. Also, make sure that the water is not too hot, just lukewarm. Avoid using perfume spray or chlorine on your yellow sapphire, otherwise the gemstone may lose its natural luster. Regular cleaning and care routine will help retain the shine of your yellow sapphire and will also maximize the benefits provided by it, as it will filter the rays in a proper manner.

Learning when to Replace your Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphire is amongst the hardest of gemstones, measuring 9 on Mohs Scale, right after the hardest gemstone diamond, which measures 10 on this scale. This implies that yellow sapphire has a long life as a gemstone, if taken proper care of. The basic thumb of rule regarding replacement of yellow sapphire is that it should be replaced when you see some kind of scratches and abrasions on its surface. These scratches and abrasions can reduce or nullify the effect of yellow sapphire, making it absolutely useless, even malefic for the wearer. Therefore, the native should inspect the gemstone regularly and have it replaced as soon as the need arises for the same.
Yellow sapphire should not be worn with emerald and diamond, as these are contradictory in nature. You must always consult an expert astrologer before you buy a natural yellow sapphire. Buying best quality yellow sapphire from reliable sellers like mygemstone.org and 9gem.com also ensures maximum gemstone benefits.


Yellow sapphire is a potent and healing gemstone, which brings a host of benefits of the wearer. But the key to deriving the maximum of these benefits lies in taking good care of the gemstone. Regular cleaning and appraisal of yellow sapphire is a guarantee of its long life as well as positive benefits for the wearer. Also, you should be conscious about the right time to have your yellow sapphire replaced because wearing a damaged gemstone may harbinger bad luck and malefic influences. Therefore, good care as well as timely replacement of yellow sapphire is essential for deriving positive benefits from it.

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