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How Wheel Of Fortune Is Related To Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

The Wheel of Fortune is very representative. The wheel of fortune is the Major Arcana card in tarot decks. In this card we can see the revolving wheel which represents the wheel of life. The angel in the upper left corner is Aquarius, the eagle is Scorpio, the lion is Leo and the bull is Taurus. These are the four fixed signs of the Zodiac, however, all have wings connoting security in the midst of development and change.

The planet of this wheel of fortune card is Jupiter. As we know that yellow sapphire gemstone is associated with planet Jupiter that is considered as plant of growth, success, happiness, expansion and opportunity. Apart from that the planet Jupiter also blesses the person with wisdom and knowledge.

The Benevolent planet Jupiter as like other planet's discharge light emission and prosperously yellow sapphire stone has what it takes to catch the real part of this light emission which through and through makes this stone being the birthstone or the most noteworthy stone of Jupiter. Consequently, the yellow sapphire stone envelops the enriches forces of the planet Jupiter on earth and determine its energy to help in the support of a man who wear this stone.

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The snake dropping on the left half of the Wheel is the Egyptian god Typhon, the lord of evil. As the Jupiter is the greatest planet in the nearby planetary group and draws in loads of abhorrence as meteors into him by not hurting alternate planets from ages. The snake likewise speaks to the life drive plummeting into the universe of realism, which comprises of Immorality, Evil and indiscipline; and this aides in disposing of every one of these debasements. The Anubis ascending on the right side of the Wheel is Hermes, an image of knowledge, shrewdness rising or our shadow selves. Life puzzles is over the wheel which is the Sphinx.

Hence wheel of fortune card and yellow sapphire gemstone is related to each other. Below are some important benefits of yellow sapphire gemstone:
  • Yellow Sapphire gemstone improves the decision making ability of a person by clearing all the doubts and by increasing the focus.
  • A Yellow Sapphire gemstone is a good stone to drive quick wealth, luck and fortune.
  • Yellow Sapphire gemstone is the best stone for those unmarried girls who is not getting married or those who are not finding a perfect life partner.
  • Wearing pukhraj stone increases happiness and joy in married life of the wearer.
  • Pukhraj gemstone helps a lot as a healing stone in case of stomach ailments, weak digestive system and jaundice.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Caring for Your Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring

A yellow sapphire gemstone is not only one of the most exotic possessions but also one of the most care-seeking ones. Even though the stone ranks 9 on the Moh’s scale of hardness, depicting its strength and immaculate durability, there are a few cautions that you must exercise to help the stone keep looking like new. 

In case you own a yellow sapphire engagement ring, then here are some dos and don’ts that you must practice for taking the best possible care for yellow sapphire rings.

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  • Keep it clean: 

Always remember to keep the ring clean. With time, the gemstone on your ring may lose its sheen due to dirt, gunk, and grime. To help it keep looking like new, clean it regularly or get it cleaned by a professional jeweler.

  • Get it examined and secured:

 A regular examination of your engagement ring from a renowned jeweler will help you check for any issues that may arise in the long term. This will also help you set the stone properly, making it secure.
  • Wear the ring to work: 

 Freely wear your ring to work and enjoy the feel of exquisiteness that it provides. Unless your workplace is unsafe for valuable items, you have all the freedom to flaunt it with grace and confidence.
  • Respect your ring: 

 Every piece of jewelry that you buy has some sort of emotion attached to it. And your engagement ring has all the more emotional value attached to it, thanks to the love and bond that it represents. So, ensure you respect your ring and maintain it in the right manner.

  • Wear it to bed:

Thanks to the durability of yellow sapphires, they are great to be worn during the night even when you sleep. In case you might get swelling from the ring, then avoid wearing it to bed, otherwise wear it without any worries.

  • Get the ring re-polished on time: 

 The metal of the ring may lose its sheen gradually. So, repolishing the ring makes absolute sense when it comes to taking care of your yellow sapphire engagement ring.


  • Don’t wear the ring while bathing, swimming or cleaning:

Maintaining the ring well requires a lot of precautions. Don’t wear your ring when you bathe, swim or clean as it may damage the gleam of the ring and the gemstone due to chemicals found in soaps, swimming pools, and cleaning materials, etc.

  • Don’t be careless while wearing the ring: 

Engaging in activities that may harm the ring should be simply avoided. There is no denying that sports and other adventurous activities give a great adrenaline rush, but caring for your ring becomes difficult when you are too busy to enjoy yourself in such activities. This means you can easily damage your ring by dropping it or getting it hit. Activities like these may seem harmless, but they may cause a detrimental effect on the gemstone, and it might get loose or cracked, without you even knowing about it.

  • Don’t be reluctant to show it to those who matter to you: 

There are people who would place their engagement rings in the beautiful box that came with the ring. Don’t be one of them. Wear your ring and show it off to all those you want to. Enjoy the feel of being a proud owner of a stunning yellow sapphire ring that’s been gifted with love.

  • Don’t clean the ring with abrasive materials and harsh chemicals:

Cleaning the ring is important but making sure that it is done in the right manner is equally important. Don’t use abrasive materials and harsh chemicals that may damage the ring, especially the yellow sapphire gem.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

How To Judge Color In Yellow Sapphires

Sapphires of all colors are incredibly beautiful and mesmerizing. However, if there is one color that tops the chart in terms of exquisiteness amongst all the other sapphires, then it has to be the alluring Yellow Sapphire. The vivid and vibrant yellow sapphire is attractive enough to win the hearts of the onlookers at an instant. But, it is important to judge the yellow sapphire color before buying it.

The subtlety and gorgeousness of these gemstones couldn’t be contested. Not only is the color of these gems a charming factor, but it also has a crucial role to play when it comes to reaping the astrological benefits of this stone.

Available in hues that range from greenish yellow to orangish yellow and possibly all other colors that lie in between, one of the highly preferred yellow sapphire color is a vibrant canary yellow which carries a tinge of yellow to orangy yellow and a vivid saturation that very well highlights the beauty of the stone.

How Yellow Sapphires get their amazing color?

There is no denying that yellow sapphires have been a trusted choice for many gem lovers and even celebrities, thanks to their striking resemblance to the yellow diamonds, but this color comes because of two reasons.

The presence of iron is one of the chief reasons why sapphires get their yellow tone. The higher the concentration of iron in a yellow sapphire, the more will be its color saturation. The presence of trace element titanium results in an unwanted green tinge in yellow sapphires. Gems that are free from titanium are often valued high in the market.

Another reason for the yellow colored sapphires is the natural presence of the color because of low-level radiation that occurs inside the earth. This color can also be given through lab-induced irradiation. Even though the latter process does not pose any threat to the humans, the color of gems so produced fades with excessive or frequent exposure to light and heat. This is the reason why natural yellow sapphire is the most demanded one in the gem industry.

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The impact of cut on the gemstone’s color

Unlike its counterparts: pink, blue or padparadscha sapphire, the lovely yellow sapphire gemstone contains a better clarity and fewer inclusions, which makes it a truly desirable gemstone. The relative clarity of a yellow sapphire stone is convenient as the color’s medium tone doesn’t hide inclusions well. A rough yellow sapphire demands less value than the expensive blue, pink, or other sapphires. This is why cutters don’t let go the brilliance for retaining weight. Consequently, yellow sapphires that are cut rightly are quite easily found than other sapphires and one can have them in a variety of cuts in the industry with absolute convivence.

Yellow Sapphire Sources

There are various sources of yellow sapphire like Thailand, Tanzania, Madagascar, and Australia. But, yellow sapphires that are found in Sri Lanka are said to be of the highest quality of them all. Also known as Ceylon sapphires, Sri Lanka’s yellow sapphires are the prime examples of absolutely attractive, natural and untreated gemstones.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Know whether your astrology sign is compatible with Yellow Sapphire

The world of sapphires is a beautiful one. There are various gemstones that belong to this world. Out of all the stunning gems, the Yellow Sapphire is one of the most prominent and highly treasured gemstones that has been in demand for centuries now. Also known as Pukhraj stone , this gemstone is associated with the planet Jupiter.

While it is believed to be a truly auspicious gemstone that brings wisdom, knowledge, wealth and fortune to the wearer, the relation between yellow sapphire and sun signs must be studied before you plan to wear it.

Read on to know about yellow sapphire astrology and its impact on different zodiac signs:

Aries Sign

For those who belong to the Aries sun sign, wearing yellow sapphire is a great decision as it is said to bring good luck, good health, prestige, intellect, honesty, and success in life. It is also believed to foster the relationship of the wearer with their father.

Taurus Sign

This gem is not advisable to be worn by those who have Taurus as their sun sign. So, Taureans must refrain from wearing a yellow sapphire gemstone.

Gemini Sign

For Gemini ascendants, yellow sapphire may prove benevolent and bring a lot of success. Wearing this stone will help them lead to their dreams and achieve their goals easily.

Cancer Sign

Yellow sapphire is highly recommended for those who have cancer as their zodiac sign. However, this gemstone must be worn with another gem like red coral or pearl to bring out its positive effects on cancer natives. From love to success, fortune, and respect, a Cancerian will experience all this and much more by adorning a yellow sapphire gemstone.

Leo Sign

Yellow sapphire for Leo sign is really beneficial. But, astrologists recommend wearing it with a ruby gemstone to make it all the more useful for the Leo ascendants.

Virgo Sign

Virgos should not consider wearing a yellow sapphire as it may not prove to be favorable for them. Thus, those who are born between 23 August to 22 September, must consult an experienced astrologer before wearing this gem.

Libra Sign

Librans should also refrain from wearing the yellow sapphire as the planet Jupiter rules this gem and it is the lord of the 3rd and 6th house which is highly malefic for Libra ascendants.

Scorpio Sign

Scorpio natives can be benefitted with this stunning gem. They must wear it with a red coral to make the most of these gemstones. Those who have the Scorpio sun sign can be blessed with wealth, fortune and the prospects to receive higher education by wearing the yellow sapphire.

Sagittarius Sign

If Sagittarians really want to enjoy success in every aspect of their lives, then wearing a yellow sapphire gemstone makes absolute sense. This stone will bring them power, good health, and happiness. What else would anyone want in this life?

Capricorn Sign

Capricorn natives should also avoid wearing the yellow sapphire as this zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Saturn, which shares an unpleasant relationship with Yellow Sapphire’s ruling planet Jupiter.

Aquarius Sign

Just like their counterparts, Capricorn ascendants, those who have Aquarius as their sun sign, should stay away from the yellow sapphire. Again, this is because Aquarius sign is ruled by Saturn which doesn’t gel well with the planet Jupiter.

Pisces Sign

For the Pisces natives, the yellow sapphire stone is a boon. It is believed to make the Pisces ascendants mentally and physically strong, and to provide them better career prospects and a positive outlook towards life.

In order to ensure that the commanding powers of Jupiter combine with your horoscope, it is important to wear only natural yellow sapphire gemstone. Pure, natural gems will help you experience the benefits that they are believed to bring with them. So, always choose a certified, renowned gem seller to enjoy the benefits that natural gemstones provide. is one of the leading yellow sapphire dealers that has certified and natural yellow sapphire gemstone. Check their online portal as thry have wide range in shapes and sizes of yellow sapphire.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Can treated Yellow Sapphire be used in healing?

While the purest form of Yellow Sapphires is the untreated one, for years now, these gemstones are being treated to improve their looks and to hide any flaws. An untreated, natural sapphire has a lot more value than the treated ones. But finding a high quality, pukhraj gemstone is somewhat difficult. This is the reason why many gemologists treat yellow sapphire stones to improve their color, clarity or both.

From heat treatment to diffusion, dyeing, irradiation, oiling and fracture filling – several treatments are being done in the gem industry at present.

To understand the impact of treated sapphires in healing, let’s take a look at this quote from Garuda Purana given by Sri Sut Ji Goswami in Chapter 72: “The  Sapphire subjected to heat or burning to improve color and clarity should never be used by anyone as illness and misfortune will fall on that individual who uses a heated and a burned gem.”

Just like a heated/treated Blue Sapphire is said to bring illness and misfortune to the user, its counterpart the Yellow Sapphire may also bring so. Therefore, those who have an interest in yellow sapphire astrology and wish to know if a treated yellow sapphire can help them in healing should understand that they should only wear natural and unheated yellow sapphire stones for healing. This is because a natural yellow sapphire is associated with the planet Jupiter and brings its true benefits to the wearer.  

Always remember that a high quality, untreated yellow sapphire will meet all the astrological requirements of what a pure gemstone should actually be – fascinating, rare, and precious.

Unheated yellow sapphire will have the following benefits:

  1. The stone guides in controling the agony of bones and muscles and furthermore offer relief from cough. 
  2. The stone additionally demonstrates to a great degree considerate to the individuals who are experiencing jaundice. 
  3. The infections identified with the lungs and stomach will be settled by wearing the Jupiter favored yellow sapphire stone.
  4. The mending and magical properties of yellow sapphire stone helps with curing piles.
  5. A man whose mouth stinks or confronting issue with a revile scent can wear yellow sapphire ring to get free off sass smell.

So, in a nutshell, I would say that a person should wear yellow sapphire that is unheated and untreated in order to get the positive effects of planet Jupiter. is one of the best yellow sapphire dealers that deals in certified pukhraj stone. Their gemstones are unheated and are high quality sapphire gemstones. Check online portal in order to get yellow sapphire online

Monday, 16 October 2017

Tips To Clean and Care Yellow Sapphire gemstone

Known for its bright hue and amazing clarity, the yellow sapphire is a very popular gemstone. This precious gem is said to have a good effect on your body’s immunity and helps in increasing concentration. The bright color looks fantastic as an accessory and complements any attire. This is why they are worn by men and women across the world.

The yellow sapphire can be worn as a ring, bracelet, pendant or any other accessory to reap the widely believed benefits of the stone. Although these come very costly compared to some other gemstones, they are very strong and durable and can withstand various cleaning techniques. Despite their natural strength, these stones end up getting dirty due dirt, sweat, and other dust particles. To avoid this, it is important to take care of pukhraj stone and clean it regularly. Especially if you wear your stone daily as a jewelry, it can accumulate dirt and germs which you must get rid of regularly. 

How to Clean Yellow Sapphire

There is no specific time to clean your gemstone. Depending on the exposure of your precious stone to dust particles and your usage of the stone, consider cleaning yellow sapphire once every 4-6 weeks. 

Here is how you can clean yellow sapphire without decreasing its shine and value.

  1. Clean the dirt off the gemstone using a soft cloth. It is advised to use a jewelry cleaning cloth as it ensures no friction on your sapphire.
  2. Mix some mild or gentle detergent in lukewarm water. Make sure to use less detergent so that the stone is not damaged.
  3. If you want to clean your yellow sapphire ring or pendant quickly, wipe it with a cleaning cloth dipped in water and a mild detergent mixture.
  4. For more thorough and deeper cleaning, consider keeping your sapphire stone jewelry in the lukewarm water and detergent mix for 20-30 minutes. Avoid keeping it in the mix for a long time if the metal in the jewelry is susceptible to damage due to detergent.
  5. Take the jewelry out of the mix and scrub it gently using a soft but firm brush.
  6. Dry it using a cleaning cloth.

Some Do's & Don’ts Regarding Your Yellow Sapphire Stone

  • Always wear your jewelry only after it’s completely dried off.
  • Keep your yellow sapphire stone away from any type of exposure to perfumes, hair sprays or chlorine-based liquid. Regular contact with these chemicals causes a reduction in the shine of the gemstone.
  • Always use a soft bristled brush or cleaning cloth to wipe the dirt off the gemstone. Using a rough fabric leaves scratches on your yellow sapphire.
  • Do not use a strong detergent for using your stone jewelry as it causes the gem to lose its shine and clarity. It can also corrode or damage the metal used with the gemstone.
  • Do not keep your yellow sapphire stone in too hot or too cold water.

By carefully following the given tips, you can get a bright yellow sapphire jewelry with amazing luster. The expected life of the stone also increases, giving you more value for your investment.