Wednesday, 13 September 2017

6 Things To Consider While Wearing Yellow Sapphire Gemstone To Get Desired Results

The Yellow Sapphire gemstone has amazing beauty and stunning healing powers. It is essential to wear pukhraj stone in the correct wearing method. Even, if the yellow sapphire gemstone is suitable for your planet and horoscope, still if you do not wear the stone with the correct procedure, then it can minimize the effect of the stone. 

In this blog, I am going to tell you about the things that you need to consider while wearing yellow sapphire gemstone so as to get desired results.

1. Advice from astrologer

While wearing yellow sapphire gemstone, it is very important to consult a renowned astrologer who can help you to know whether yellow sapphire is compatible with your horoscope or not. He can tell you better that how much carat and which metal you need to stud yellow sapphire stone. Always keep in mind that if yellow sapphire is not compatible for you, then it can bring negative effects on you. 

2. Check the quality of Yellow Sapphire 

When you come to know that yellow sapphire is the perfect stone for you, then your next step is to check the quality and lucidity of the stone with regard to the cut and transparency. Some yellow sapphire stones accompany imperfections, interior cuts and marks. Pukhraj gemstone with such imperfections ought to be dismissed instantly. 
Despite what might be expected, the stone ought to be normal and unique with no chemical treatments. The shine of the stone ought not be uneven and it ought to be uniform in nature. 
One must check that the yellow sapphire gemstone is not fake and is not substitute. These days, many gem sellers are selling synthetic sapphire stones in the name of yellow sapphires. So you should check everything in detail.

3. Gemstone Certification

As I told you earlier that it is important to check the quality of yellow sapphire stone, similarly gemstone certification is another essential point that need to be considered. You must buy yellow sapphire only from those dealers that also provide sapphire gemstone certificate along with each stone you buy from them. Gemstone certification is a proof that lets you know that yellow sapphire is real and unheated.

4. Check the Suitability of Pukhraj Stone

In the wake of purchasing the right gemstone, you should test it to look whether yellow sapphire stone suits you or not. Place a yellow sapphire stone under the pillow during the evening or wear it with other gemstone touching your skin. If you feel any health problems, horror thoughts or bad things after wearing yellow sapphire within 7 days, then you should stop wearing yellow sapphire. Never wear a similar stone again.

5. Wear Yellow Sapphire On Right Day

It is vital to wear yellow sapphire at the right day and time. Pukhraj stone will show positive results, when it is worn in the correct wearing method. Yellow Sapphire stone should be worn on Thursday morning during the Shukla Paksha days. 

6. Wear Yellow Sapphire In Ideal Way

The yellow sapphire stone ought to be studded in a locket or ring in such a way that the base of the stone touches the skin. Drench the ring in raw milk or the Gangajal overnight preceding wearing it. Ensure that you wear the yellow sapphire ring inside one hour of dawn after taking bath and wearing clean clothes.

Expel the ring from the milk, confront eastwards and recite the mantra  “Aum Brim Brahaspataye Namah Aum” 108 times. Try to wear yellow color clothes as it matches the gemstone color and will have good effects. 

Hence, if you keep in mind all these important things, then yellow sapphire will have maximum effects on you and will bless you with good health, wealth, success, prosperity and a happy married life.


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