Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Is it okay to say that yellow sapphire is Gemstone of Good Luck or Not

Yellow sapphire gemstone is rewarded being with the title of "Gemstone of fortune", which is quite true. However, several people think it is injustice to reward some stone with such high appellation. They argue that yellow sapphire stone should be treated as a gemstone only not a stone of luck or fortune. However, astrologers have deep faith in the capability of this stone. They testify in the favor of pukhraj stone that having associated with the planet Jupiter; this stone bequeath immense amount of astrological advantageous to its wearer.

They give the following points in the favor of this stone such a high reverence.

Yellow sapphire stone is being associated with the planet Jupiter, Jupiter depicts prosperity, good will, dignity, self-discipline, wealth and fortune. Jupiter is regarded to be the teacher of all the nine astrological planets. It is revealed that wearing yellow sapphire stone in the form of ring and various other ornaments will derive plethora of positive benefits in its wearer life provided if it suits the wearer.

Evaluating the physical attributes of this stone, we can say that it is appropriate to call this stone as the most lucky stone. It is one of the most durable stone. On the hardness scale, this stone ranked 9.0 which is just next to diamond on numbers.

The first class clarity and less number of inclusions inside the stone make it one the most preferable stone.

Thirdly, Jupiter is a harmless planet which means that wearing this planet endorsed stone yellow sapphire will not introduce any adversities in its wearer life. Thus, everyone can at least once try wearing this stone. Since wearing this stone will not carry any drastic results. People belonging to all zodiac signs can wear this stone.

Hence, those people who are hit by bad luck or misfortune should wear natural pukhraj stone. However, before donning this stone one ought to consult an astrologer before only he/she can guide you wisely that whether this stone will bring the specific results which you expect after wearing this stone or not. So must have a word with your astrologer before wearing yellow sapphire.


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