Thursday, 19 May 2016

Importance of Untreated Yellow sapphires and Other Yellow sapphires

Untreated gemstones are those stones which have not received any heat or laboratory treatment. Nowadays, it is extremely hard to find a gem dealer who boasts of providing untreated, natural stones. Ceylon is one of the regions in world which is famous for supplying natural rich quality yellow sapphires. Nowadays, almost 99 percent of yellow sapphires and other stones are highly treated or enhanced in laboratory to uplift the appearance of the stone. 

The reason why a gemstone is treated is because a natural or untreated yellow sapphires appear dull that does not look impressive at all. And, in order to make them look effective; they are being decorated in laboratory performing different treatments on them. However, doing so could make a yellow sapphire to disinherit their natural properties. Additionally, it can't be expected from a treated pukhraj to compete with the properties of untreated or natural yellow sapphires.

Ceylon is famous for its mine that produces excellent quality of natural yellow sapphires. The Sri Lankan untreated yellow sapphire is found almost everywhere in sri lanka. Sri Lanka is popular for supplying rich quality of untreated sapphire and yellow sapphires to all over the world. Generally, the world is dependent upon Ceylon and scatter resources which are available as of now. Since, yellow sapphires and other gemstones are mined from earth and they are limited in quantity. 

Therefore, because of this reason yellow sapphires and other stones have been treated for few years. Comparing the quality of a treated stone with untreated or untreated stones; it is quite clear to declare that on the parameter of quality untreated stone surpasses the treated one with immense ease.

The untreated yellow sapphires are comparatively expensive than synthetic or imitation yellow sapphires due to the reason that untreated stones are nature created and no human intervention is allowed. On the other hand, in case of heated or treated yellow sapphires they are being highly decorated ignoring its natural properties; thus, its original values are being hurt in order to enhance the appearance. Secondly, a synthetic stone can be created in lab so they can be unlimited in numbers whereas; an untreated gem is a natural gem so it is obtained or found in limited numbers.

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