Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Yellow Sapphire For Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Yellow sapphire gemstone is one of the most fascinating and important gemstone. It is being said about the yellow sapphire stone that it relates with the planet Jupiter one of the most benevolent planet among all nine planets.

The reason why yellow sapphire is being recommended to be adopted with Jupiter because the rays transmitted by this planet is absorbed in highest ratio by this stone. 

Thus, yellow sapphire preserves the extreme powers of the planet Jupiter within it. And, it works in the direction to bring quick benefits in the life of its wearer. Hence, the above association with meaningful planet Jupiter establishes this stone being one of the most influential gemstone among all other gemstones. The yellow sapphire is said to be the birthstone of zodiac sign Sagittarius. Consequently, wearing this decisive stone will derive the celestial powers of Jupiter in the lives of its wearer.

Besides being the birthstone for zodiac sign Sagittarius; ascendants or native of other zodiac signs can also wear this gemstone.

Yellow Sapphire for Capricorn: The Capricorn is tenth zodiac sign which is being ruled or governed by the coercive planet Saturn. The Capricorn sign ascendants is advised or suggested to wear blue sapphire gemstone because blue sapphire is the birthstone of Capricorn sign. However, the yellow sapphire stone does not suit largely to the natives of Capricorn because Jupiter the lord of yellow sapphire shares bitter relation with lord of Capricorn Saturn. Thus, a person must avoid wearing yellow sapphirestone since it is not benign or favorable to wear this stone. Nonetheless, under some critical situation an ascendant of Capricorn can wear this stone. 

A of Capricorn can wear this gemstone when Jupiter exist or stays at 3rd or 12th house. While being in the above mentioned houses a native of Capricorn can wear this stone to avail maximum number of health and other benefits offered by Jupiter. Apart from the above circumstance, a person of Capricorn can wear this gemstone during the major period of Jupiter. Nonetheless, if a person wants he/she can wear this stone once in their lifetime since Jupiter is auspicious gemstone and does not make any negative impact on the life of its wearer.

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