Wednesday, 19 August 2015

How to Identify a Natural Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Identification of Yellow Sapphire: Identifying a yellow sapphire gemstone is a tenacious task. It happens due to the emergence of the large number of fake suppliers of yellow sapphire stone in recent times. A fake yellow sapphire dealer sells a lab created yellow sapphire or pukhraj gemstone which looks quite similar to the original yellow sapphire stone. Moreover, with the help of the new advance

technologies these sellers have succeeded in developing such advance technologies which creates a synthetic yellow sapphire gemstone look quite similar to the natural yellow sapphire stone. So it has now become a cumbersome task for a person to differentiate between original yellow sapphire and synthetic yellow sapphire with bare eyes. However, you need not to be worried anymore, read the following post which will help you in identifying a natural yellow sapphire.

Watch Out For Fillings: Nowadays, It is almost impossible to obtain a pure yellow sapphire stone without any inclusions. There are some inclusions which are always present in stone to enhance the color and appearance of the stone. Nevertheless, a trustworthy jeweler or gemstone dealer will always let his customer know about all these treatments. On the other hand a fake yellow sapphire dealer will hide this truth from its customer. Moreover, an untrustworthy jeweler will fill these inclusions or holes with borax and other impurities to increase its luster. With bare eyes it is very difficult to check this perhaps with help of magnifier one can easily check this.

Stay away from X sign: If on yellow sapphire stone x is imprinted then that stone should not be purchased as fake jewelers add this sign on the stone. It is also called scissors sign.

Avoid Grooves: Occasionally, the facets of synthetic stones do not come out as crisp as the facets of a natural sapphire would. This flaw looks very similar to the grooves one might expect to see on a vinyl record, but they can usually be seen only under magnification of a 10x loupe.

Check for Flaws: To find out the originality of the stone examine that stone for the flaws.  A highly flawless stone will always be an indication of fake or synthetic yellowsapphire, because it is almost impossible to find a stone without any flaws. On the other hand a stone with few flaws can be considered as real yellow sapphire. Also looking this gemstone in light we can get to see bubble forming under stone which indicate that it is synthetic stone.

Check For The warmness of The Stone: To spot a fake yellow sapphire, hold a stone for around few minutes in your hand. If you experience a certain change in the temperature of the stone. So it is probably a strong indication of fake stone.

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